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Our Products

We carry over 100 different products in medium, heavyweight, and extra heavyweight sizes. They range from individual wrapped cutlery and cutlery kits to flex straws, spoon straws, and pizza lid supports.

Product Information

Bulk Cutlery

Medium Weight & Heavy Weight Polypropylene
Medium Heavy / Heavy Weight Polystyrene Bulk Cutlery
Extra Heavy Weight Polystyrene Bulk Cutlery
Heavy Weight Boxed Polystyrene Cutlery
Individual Wrapped Cutlery

Cutlery Kits

Medium Weight Polypropylene Kits
Medium Heavy Weight Polystyrene Kits
Environ - Biodegradable Cornstarch

Pizza Lid Supports - Straws

Pizza Lid Supports, Paper Plates & Trays, Nacho Trays

Terms & Conditions

  • Lumper and Sort/Segregation fees are at the expense of the customer.
  • Container orders: Live-unload with 2 hours free or drop off and picup available with fee.
  • Once container arrives at port, you have 1-2 days to accept delivery before incurring storage fees.
  • Effective 11/10/09: A finance charge of 0.67% (8% APR) will be assessed on any past due balance.
  • Effective 06/01/10: There will be a handling charge added to each order. Minimize your expense by combining orders!

Return Policy

  • Product will only be returned due to order entry, shipping mistake on our behalf or for damaged products.
  • An RA (Return Authorization) due to damages may not be issued more than one week after the product was delivered.
  • For any reason other than order entry, shipping error, or damages, the President of Berkley Square must approve any returns based on our need for that product. If approved, these types of returns require a 15% restocking fee and the customer is responsible for return freight.
  • An RA may not be issued on product purchased more than 30 days ago.
  • An RA will be deleted if the product has not been returned within 30 days.